Friday Finds 10/4/15

So, if you’re anything like me, you love reading blogs, and possibly love discovering new blogs even more! To help you on your quest, I’ve decided to do a weekly round up of blog posts and other things I’ve found interesting recently. Welcome to Friday Finds!


Badass Bride: Five steps that’ll take you over to The Dark Side- a post over on Festival Brides

A Beautiful Mess has brought out a new subscription box called Messy Box- I keep hinting to hubby in the hope he’ll buy it for me!


Minna Bridal’s 2015 Collection is shown over on One Fab Day and it’s AMAZING!

7 ideas to create a toxin-free Nursery for your baby- originally found on MindBodyGreen

How about a peek at Spring’s 6 HOTTEST shoe trends over on StyleCaster ?

Style Me Pretty share a gorgeous tutorial for a dip-dyed coffee filter backdrop

Another StyleCaster post: 5 quick tricks to look (and feel) better instantly

The Runaway Bridal Planner talks about finding motivation

MindBodyGreen bring you 15 self-defence tips. Let’s hope you never need to use them, but if you do, you’ll be glad you read this post!


50 perfect Coachella outfits to copy now, brought to you by the ever-fashionable StyleCaster


The Etsy Blog have featured an absolute cracker of a shop this week- Paperwolf

For those of you who are still in the dating game, MindBodyGreen have brought you 12 rules everyone should follow on Tinder

Embrace who you are (not what people expect you to be)- simple wisdom from Tiny Buddha

Style Me Pretty bring us unique ways to include siblings in your wedding


Skinny Ms feature a recipe, not for a meal, but for DIY pet shampoo. It’s nice to finally have something gentle on our animals’ skin!

How about a 3-step DIY facial for radiant skin, including an amazing mask recipe that even works on acne-prone skin! Find it on MindBodyGreen

You can find exercises to prevent shin splints over on Popsugar 

Oh So Amelia have 6 brilliant laundry hacks for busy families- and they really are brilliant!

“What you do is who you become”- wise words, as ever, from Alexandra Franzen

And finally, the ever-wonderful Gala Darling brings you advice on how to plug into your weirdness!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my first Friday Finds- let me know what you think! Is it too long? Too short? Am I missing any key topic areas you’d be interested in seeing? Shout about it in the comments!


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