Some Wise Words

First off, I apologise for being totally MIA for the last few weeks- the school holidays have hit me hard, and I’m struggling to even keep up with everyday life, let alone my blog! However, my friend just wrote the most amazing post on Facebook, about her son who has just collected his GCSE results. Below is her post- I have changed his name to his initial to protect his identity.

Last night my son B, who is registered blind, got up sang and played his guitar to a pub full of people. His second song was a Frank Turner cover called Love Forty Down, before he played it he said ‘just decided to play this as I got my exam results today and they were rubbish and this song is about being a failure’ It is not fair that so much pressure is put on our young people that they feel at such a young age that if they don’t have a piece of paper saying they have 5 A-C grade GCSEs that they have failed. B has overcome many, many obstacles in his 17 years, but has achieved so much, just this year he has learnt to deal with his anxiety, conquered independent train travel. Is a very talented musician with a brilliant future ahead of him.
So failure definitely not, I really hope that whatever grades any of you or your children got this year that they can also see the bigger picture, because a piece of paper with some letters on it means nothing. What is important is the amazing, talented, caring young people that all have a brilliant future ahead of them in whatever it is they choose to do. Be proud and happy and go out and grab every opportunity to make your dreams a reality xxx


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