Roald Dahl Day Fun


I hope you all had a good summer. My girls are back at school (that came around far too slowly this year!!!), so I can finally concentrate on work again. And what better way to kickstart my return than a fabulous Roald Dahl Day assignment?!


When I received a parcel from Puffin Books with two copies of Roald Dahl’s “The Twits”- one with scratch & sniff stickers, and the other with a hairy beard!- along with the instruction to “do whatever you have to do to make the most colourful, creative beard imaginable”, I was VERY excited!

Of course, having two daughters aged 8 & 5, I couldn’t settle for making just one beard, so I drew two templates and pitted the girls against each other!

First up, we have D (8)- she decorated her beard with multicoloured paint fingerprints, painted patches, a glittery pom pom, and even a pom pom painted brown, that she tells me is meant to look like stew (personally I think it looks more like something that rhymes with stew!)

Not to be outdone by her big sister, 5 year old J painted her beard multicoloured, added fingerprints in all the colours of the rainbow, added a red and pink sparkly moustache, and the crowning glory? Not content with matching D’s “stew”, J added a whole orange!

Of course, I couldn’t let them have all the fun… having my very own “Mr Twit”, complete with real-life beard, I just had to decorate his beard and take photos- he obliged by pulling his best “Mr Twit” face!

So, whose beard do you think is the best??

You too can get in on the action- just read the “Dirty Beards” chapter of “The Twits” to get inspiration, then do anything you can think of to make an amazing, colourful, creative beard. If you tag @Roald_Dahl and use the hashtag #RoaldDahlDay your beard may be shared! I’d also love it if you could tag @hopestreethoney – I’ll feature my favourites right here on the blog!


Last but not least, there is now an AWESOME game called “Twit or Miss”, that you can download here.

Happy Roald Dahl Day everyone!

*Disclosure*- I received two copies of “The Twits” in exchange for my blog post


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