REVIEW: Aliens Love Dinopants

When I was asked to review “Aliens Love Dinopants”, the latest offering from Claire Freedman and Ben Cort, I jumped at the chance!


Billed as “a riotous dinosaur adventure FULL of PANTASTIC fun!”, that’s exactly what it is!

By pure coincidence, after I picked the book up from the post office, I was due to go into my 5 year old daughter’s class for “Stay and Play”, so I thought I’d test it out. What originally started as just my daughter and her best friend, rapidly grew into a large group of 5-6 year olds as I started to read… there were giggles, cackles, and squeals galore as we journeyed with the aliens to planet Earth, crash landing in the jungle. There was tons of excitement when the aliens discovered a giant pile of GIANT pants, and absolute hilarity when the aliens found out who the pants belonged to!


The children also had great fun choosing which pants were their favourites from the inside covers, with one boy even choosing some massive orange paisley pantaloons!

I would recommend this book, and indeed any of the “Aliens Love Underpants” books a million times over.

Also in the series are: “Aliens Love Underpants”, “Dinosaurs Love Underpants”, “Aliens in Underpants Save the World”, “Aliens Love Panta Claus” (which is another favourite in our house!), “Monstersaurus”, “Pirates Love Underpants”, and last but not least, “Monsters Love Underpants”, all published by Simon and Schuster.

For more information, games, downloads and more, visit the Aliens Love Underpants website.



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